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LED lights used in Sports Ground

High efficiency and energy-saving, meet the requirements of energy-saving and emission reduction.


The product is maintenance-free, which can reduce the risk of high-altitude maintenance and replacement costs.


Applicable to various occasions (dedicated various light distribution curves)


Our lighting solutions are tailored for different lighting areas and can bring you additional value while meeting the requirements of high-quality lighting. The following mainly introduces the solutions and advantages of our lighting equipment for football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, various sports tracks and other areas.


Intelligent Lighting Control System


The LED lamps installed in various venues are mainly to provide high-quality lighting for athletes’ normal competition, and the indoor and outdoor lamps are used for an average of 10 hours a day.


The combination of LED lamps and smart systems can realize the illumination required by different venues and different levels, which not only ensures the illumination, but also satisfies the uniformity. Single lamp control can be realized on site, and the electrical parameters of the circuit and the service life of the light source can be monitored and alarmed, so as to truly meet the requirements of intelligent control and energy saving and emission reduction.


Sports Lighting

Application: Football fields and Cricket Fields

Model: LX-FL

Installation method: Bracket installation

Sports Lighting

Application: Tennis courts

Model: LX-PL

Installation method: Bracket installation

Sports Lighting

Application: Basketball courts

Model:  LX-UFO390, LX-UFO20 and LX-UFO21

Installation method: Bracket or hanging installation

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