Sports lighting Tokyo 2020 Olympic

Sports lighting Tokyo 2020 Olympic
Sports lighting Tokyo 2020 Olympic

Application:Tokyo 2020 Olympic venue


  1. LX-FL-320  Power: 320W, Light Efficacy: 140LM / W Quantity: 58PCS
  2. LX-FL-640 Power: 640W, Light Efficacy: 140LM / W Quantity: 32PCS
  3. LX-FL-1000 Power: 1000W, Light Efficacy: 140LM / W Quantity: 45PCS

LED floodlights with symmetrical optics to offer the optimum performance vs budget balance.


Sports Area – Luxint Lighting

Sports halls with good lighting provide athletes with visual comfort and a pleasing environment. To ensure an even distribution of light, high light output is required. All of this coming together will have the effect of putting the athlete in the best mental and physical conditions to engage in his or her sport. It is necessary to implement a contemporary LED lighting concept in order to get these results. Optimizing the lighting system also has financial advantages. As a result, compared to conventional solutions, energy savings of up to 80% will be possible.


External stadium

Good lighting is necessary for participating in outdoor sports. The best conditions for practicing activities will be created by consistent, flicker-free lighting. In the best possible lighting conditions, they will be able to exchange the ball. They will perceive the ball and their surroundings in a team sport with the ideal color rendering and brightness to help their team win. For instance, in baseball, the player has 1/100th of a second to react and hit the small ball. To assure a strong response and lead the squad to a walk-off home run, the eyesight and brightness need to be at their best. A strong color rendering without glare is thus crucial. To eliminate aggravation from shadowed regions on the field, the lighting pattern should be planned ahead of time. Last but not least, it’s essential that the fixture be sturdy and water resistant. These lights need to be certified as IP65 or IP66 because of the weather.

In conclusion, LED lighting is significant at the level of sporting facilities. Athletes can maximize their performance thanks to its energy efficiency and impact on their mental state. For the installation to optimize mobility and visibility, meticulous planning is required. in order to undertake athletic activities safely. Athletes might improve their peripheral vision, comfort, visual performance, and positioning before and during the game. A sports event’s surroundings will be improved with LED illumination. Additionally, this may affect how sports are aired. Anecdote concerning the longer-than-30-minute Super Bowl 2013 break is recalled here. Because Metal Halide lights take a little while to start before operating at full capacity, this has caused a delay in the event’s continuity. LED lighting doesn’t work like this; it starts right away!

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