Waterproof Solar Spotlights Great for Outdoor

LUXINT solar-powered LED Spot Light can stake anywhere outside that gets direct sunlight, the solar panel collects sunlight to charge the battery during the day

Waterproof Solar Landscape Spotlights Outdoor Solar Powered Wall Lights and desk lamp 3-in-1 Wireless garden light

LUXINT solar spotlights Outdoor – Waterproof Solar Garden Lights, 360°Adjustable Solar Spotlights, Auto On/Off Solar Powered Landscape Lighting


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Waterproof Solar Spotlights Outdoor Lights

Solar Spotlight outdoor lighting is simple to install and almost maintenance-free. The best part is that utilizing them won’t raise your electricity costs. Pathway light sets, wall-mounted lamps, freestanding lamp posts, and security lights are common indoor uses for outside solar illumination.

Solar cells are used in outdoor solar spotlights to turn sunlight into energy. Batteries are used to store the electricity for usage at night. Lead-acid, sealed lead acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries are most often used by manufacturers.

In the majority of the United States, outdoor solar illumination systems function effectively. When selecting a product, it is crucial to take geographic and site-specific factors into account. Only when the solar cells receive the appropriate number of hours of sunshine from the manufacturer will a solar lighting system function properly.

Solar Spotlights Specification:


Model: 2835
Voltage: 3.2V
Number of lamp beads: 48LDE
color: white light
Color temperature: 6000K-6500K
Streaming value: 200ML
Working temperature (discharge): -20°C-55°C
Working temperature (charging): 0 ∼45°C
Standard voltage: 3.7V
Standard capacity: 1500mAh
Chemical type: polysiliconWorking
voltage: 5.5V
Output power: 2W
Battery model:  Lithium battery

As dusk draws near, the solar cell ceases converting light as it dwindles and finally vanishes. The light, which is typically composed of many light-emitting diodes, is turned on by a photoreceptor on the light when it becomes dark (LEDs). The light is then powered by the battery the whole night.

Solar Spotlights Product Video:


Some solar lighting systems are standalone devices that just require placement in a sunny area. Other systems merely require the solar cell panel to be located in a sunny area and don’t include the lights. From tiny, luminous route signs to pole-mounted patio and high-beam security lights, the size of the units varies.

Most outdoor solar lighting systems rely their “nightly run time” estimates on certain solar conditions. In locations with less sunshine than the solar cells require, outdoor solar lights will run for fewer hours each night than anticipated. The length of each night’s run may also change according on how bright the sky is that particular day.

Unless the solar lighting system has been particularly designed for operation during the winter, operating times may vary by up to 30% to 50% during this period. Battery charging and performance will be impacted if the solar cells are shadowed by outside elements like trees and structures. Observe for bird droppings as well.

Solar Spotlights Details:

For more than ten years, SHENZHEN LUX LIGHTING has been devoted to the field of LED special lighting. We have developed into the industry leader in LED applications because of our strong R&D capabilities and innovative products.

We have expanded our product line through ongoing market research and market analysis, including LED bay lights, street lights, floodlights, LED plant/to grow to light, and other high-power lighting products. These products are extensively utilized in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. And we have achieved achievement in being acknowledged as the most dependable OEM producer for top-tier lighting firms globally.

Contact us for any query related to the products and technical guidance. There are various types of spotlights are designed in Luxint manufacturing.