Waterproof Solar Spotlights Great for Outdoor

LUXINT solar-powered LED Spot Light can stake anywhere outside that gets direct sunlight, the solar panel collects sunlight to charge the battery during the day

Waterproof Solar Landscape Spotlights Outdoor Solar Powered Wall Lights and desk lamp 3-in-1 Wireless garden light

LUXINT solar spotlights Outdoor – Waterproof Solar Garden Lights, 360°Adjustable Solar Spotlights, Auto On/Off Solar Powered Landscape Lighting



Product Features:

Landscape lighting, installed on the lawn.
Camping, barbecue, indoor use.
Install on the wall for use.
During solar charging during the day, the lights will.
automatically turn off, when night, the lights will.
automatically start and work automatically.
Each press of a button will replace a ight mode, switch circularly.
USB type-C charging.


Solar spotlights for outdoor lighting are easy to install and require little to no maintenance. Utilizing them will not increase your electric bill and is a common indoor use for outdoor solar lighting.

Solar cells are used in outdoor solar spotlights to convert sunlight into energy. The batteries are used to store electricity for use at night.

As dusk approaches, the solar cell stops converting light as the light fades and eventually disappears. As the light dims, it is turned on by the light receptors (LEDs) on the lamp. It is then powered by the battery throughout the night.

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Model: 2835
Voltage: 3.2V
Number of lamp beads: 48LDE
color: white light
Color temperature: 6000K-6500K
Streaming value: 200ML
Working temperature (discharge): -20°C-55°C
Working temperature (charging): 0 ∼45°C
Standard voltage: 3.7V
Standard capacity: 1500mAh
Chemical type: polysiliconWorking
voltage: 5.5V
Output power: 2W
Battery model:  Lithium battery

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