Rechargeable LED Work Light 50W

LUXINT is a dedicated sales of work led lighting products, Rechargeable lumen work lights, ac plugin work lights, Support customized service, ISO-9001, CE, ROHS, GS, UL, and BSCI.

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Rechargeable LED Work Light

Luxint lighting is a leading manufacturing company for rechargeable LED lights that can be easy to use and more comfortable for normal work. We are manufacturing and exporting LEd lights worldwide.

Rechargeable LED Work Light Specification:

Model No: LX-T-50
Power: 50w
Unit Dimension &weight: 280×263.6x80mm/2.1kg/pc
Housing color: Black+silver (customizable)
Li-ion battery capacity: Dual 18v makita power tool battery ( not included)
Charge and Run time: Depend on capacity
Charger: Not included
LED : Philips 2835 / 100pcs
CCT&Ra : 6000k ra80 default (cct 3000-5000k customization)
Lumens: >5000lm
Material: ABS plastic
P rate: IP44
Warranty: 2 years
Packing info : Ctn size: 299 *158 *171mm 1pcs per cartong. w.: 0.8 kg/ctn

Advantages of Rechargeable LED Work Light


The very extended lifetime of LED work lights is by far their biggest benefit over conventional lights. An LED light may often operate for 100,000 hours or more. That is up to four times longer than the fluorescent light’s predicted lifetime. They will remain in situ, completely functional, after installation for a very long period.


Rechargeable LED Work Light is exceptionally energy-efficient and uses very little electricity. These two measurements—luminous efficacy or usable lumens—indicate how much light is generated for each unit of electricity used. Traditional technologies are vastly outperformed by LED work lights. Energy expenditures are often reduced by 60–75 percent when switching to LED lighting. This is fantastic news for the environment as well as for your wallet since your energy costs will be cheaper.


LED technology is a very compact one. As a result, they may be used in a variety of ways. They are simpler to install in places with limited access where a bigger light fixture simply cannot be fitted. When placing work lights on trucks, tractors, trailers, etc., this has obvious advantages.


There are no delicate components, like glass elements or filaments, in LED lights. This indicates that Rechargeable LED Work Light is more robust against abuse. They are significantly more able to withstand a bump or a drop than a conventional light unit. This is a great benefit for work lighting since unexpected bumps and knocks might happen all the time. They are a highly common option for truck, vehicle, and tractor illumination because to their longevity.


As opposed to traditional lights, which suddenly lose brightness when they fail, LEDs gradually fade over time. This guarantees that you won’t be caught off guard in the midst of a project and that you’ll have plenty of time to handle the issue and replace the bulb before it becomes a serious one. When using LED work lights, there are clear benefits to this.


The ecology is better off with LED lighting. They are a safer option for the environment compared to fluorescent or mercury vapour lights, which come with the hassle of specialised disposal at the end of their life cycle and contain hazardous elements like mercury.


Rechargeable LED Work Light does not release possibly harmful Ultra Violet radiation energy. On the other hand, UV radiation from fluorescent lights might be potentially dangerous. Long-term exposure to these lights is thought to be harmful for the skin and eyes. LED is a preferable choice if you want to avoid being exposed to UV light.


One important benefit of Rechargeable LED Work Light that is sometimes disregarded is safety. Up to 90% of the energy used by incandescent lights is converted into thermal energy. In addition to the alarming inefficiency in this situation, the warmth of the space around the light raises a clear safety issue. In operating, LED lights produce no forward heat. This indicates that their homes do not experience potentially hazardous heat levels.


Rechargeable LED Work Light instantly switches on and off. Unlike alternatives to metal halides, they don’t need time to warm up. The fact that the light unit is not degraded by turning the LED on and off is an extra plus in this situation. It has no negative impact on performance or honesty.


Over time, Rechargeable LED Work Light to provide great cost reductions. They provide more light per unit of energy used (watt) than traditional incandescent lights. LED lights’ size or shape has no effect on how well they work. Worklights with LEDs provide considerable energy cost reductions throughout the course of their lifespan.

Rechargeable LED Work Light functions:

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