Plant Grow Light 12 Bars 660W Top selling

  • Model Number: LX-GLM120-12
  • LED Power: 720W
  • Real Wattage: 660
  • HPS Equivalent: 1000-1200W
  • Input Voltage(V): AC110-277V
  • LED Quantity: 720pcs high Power LED,single LED is 1W
  • LED Brand: Osram
  • Support Dimmer: NO
  • PPF: 1782μmol/s
  • PPF Efficacy: 2.7μmol/J
  • Working Temperature(℃): -20 – 45
  • Working Lifetime(Hour): 100,000
  • Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
  • Application: Grow Tent, Medical Plants Grow Facility, Indoor Farm, Vertical Farm, Greenhouse
  • Yield: 1.9-2.3g/W
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Certification: CE, ROHS,ETL,DLC


Luxint Plant Grow Light 12 Bars 660W LED, good to replace 1200W HPS

Luxint Lighting Team is also performing a great solution for the fast growth of plants, flowers, trees, etc.  The design with deep study and test cases in Luxint Lab.  There are many Plant Grow LED lights that are hot selling for greenhouse farming.

The role of light in promoting plant growth through photosynthesis has long been recognized; however, the impact of light on plant development has only recently come to light. In addition to being a crucial factor in photosynthesis, the hue of the light (or its spectral quality) also serves as a signal for light-mediated developmental responses in plants, such as seed germination, stem lengthening, and blooming.

Photomorphogenesis (photo = light, morphogenesis = the process that causes an organism to form its shape) is the word used to describe these reactions in plants. In controlled environment agriculture, where vertical or horizontal growth space may be restricted, plant morphology (plant architecture) is crucial.

660W Plant Grow Light Video:

Plant Grow Light Description

  • The 12 bars led grow light is our best item for medical plants:                                       
  • 720pcs led inside, real wattage is 660W
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Light bar for Indoor Plants, Vegetables, and Flowers.
  • Performs Extremely great in All Stages of Growth. 
  • Get Higher Yields With Quality LEDs
  • Large lighting Coverage
  • High Efficiency and Low Heat
  • High Output led plants to grow light
  • Best led grow light for indoor Farm

Plant Grow Light Images

Plant Grow Light ImagePlant Grow Light Side View

Plant Grow Light effect on Plant growth

Although plants can perceive wavelengths from UV-C (260 nm) to far-red (730 nm) utilizing distinct photoreceptors that are not employed for photosynthesis, plants primarily utilize photosynthetically active light (400–700 nm). Key phases of plant growth that heavily depend on the spectrum of light, as well as in certain cases timing, periodicity, and overall exposure, are regulated by these photoreceptors under changing environmental conditions.

Fluence, which is what is commonly referred to as it, is quantified in micromoles of photons per square meter of surface. There are three categories of fluence responses: very low, low, and high, and the corresponding adequate light levels range from starlight (for very low) to direct sunshine (for high).


Plant Grow Light Light View

Blue light is important for a variety of plant responses such as: suppression of stem elongation, phototropism (bending towards a light source), chloroplast movement within cells, stomatal opening, and activation of gene expression (some of these are morphogenic and others aren’t).

The control effects of green light are generally opposed to those of red and blue light. For example, green light has been shown to reverse blue light induced plant height reduction and anthocyanin accumulation. The phytochrome and cryptochrome photoreceptors mentioned earlier are also responsive to green light, though to a significantly lesser extent than to red or blue light.

Plant Grow Light Assembly

Plant Grow Light 12 Bars 660W Top selling

Plant Grow Light 12 Bars 660W Top selling
Plant Grow Light 12 Bars 660W Top selling
Plant Grow Light 12 Bars 660W Top selling


There are several options for horticulture lighting systems, especially when employing LED lights, which can range from narrow-band spectral composition (such as pink or purple) to broad-spectrum (often referred to as white). Depending on the crop you are growing, choosing an LED horticulture lighting system with the right light quality is essential to attaining desirable morphological responses as well as driving photosynthesis.

The greatest photosynthetic and photomorphogenic responses to a variety of plant species were designed into Luxint Indoor and Greenhouse. Additionally, Luxint offers personalized light spectra that cause photomorphogenic reactions.

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