Outdoor Floodlight Selectable CCT & Power TGJ 100W-400W

TGJ series  led flood light is made of aluminum and PC, this lamp is lighter than other types of lamps on the market. Simple appearance, more in line with aesthetic.

Easy Fit Design – Simple to Wire

A+ Rated Energy Saving LED.Manual override mode.

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Product Feature:

1.Come with CCT and Power selectablefunction, reduce the SKU and achievegreater light control and efficiency.
2.TGS can be matched with sensors toreduce energy consumption.
3.Perfect thermal management forlong-term performance.
4.Wide choice of optics to suit more applications.
5.A cost-effective and very com petitive solution offers an industry-leadinglux and significant en ergy savin gs.
6.Various mounting options and inclin ation possibilities on-site for optimalphotometry.
7.Tempered glass cover to effectively reduce UV damage on the lens.
8.Real beneficial LED alternative to HID floodlights for high-power applications.
9.Multiple power options with complete wattage.


Easy To Make Inventory Reserve.
Distribution diagram.
Easy to upgrade or expand,when customers need to add LED lens, can add on the spot.
Distribution diagramProfessionallight distributions to cover different applications.

Application: Industrial hall & warehousesport facilitiescar parks,large areas,bridges,bridges,tunnel & underpasses


Catalog Number Wattage Delivered Lumens Voltage AC CCT
LX-TGJ100 60-80-100w 10200 – 17000 100-277V 3000K 4000K,5700K
LX-TGJ200 120-160-200w 20400 – 34000 100-277V 3000K 4000K,5700K
LX-TGJ400 240-320-400w 40800-68000 100-277V 3000K,4000K5700K