Indoor Hydroponics Growing LED light

Luxint LED grow light is an excellent commercial grade horticulture lighting solution with high efficiency of 2.6 umol/J and long lifespan. It is designed for indoor growers to seek higher yields and top-shelf quality

Dimmable button: An added dimmer knob is featured to manipulate the brightness level of the light, allowing flexibility to obtain perfect growth performance for each growing phase


Product Features:

1.Isolated standards isolated driver which is safety for everyone;

2.Full spectrum distribute most nutrient lights from vegetative growth ,flowering and fruit-bearing;

3.LED Chip :Blue ,Red,White spectrum combination;

4.120 degree optical lens for widest canopy penetration;

5.Revolutionary fan cooling technology makes temperature 10-15°c lower;

6.Customize wattages,chips ratio,logo,package available.


Lamp beads power 5w
Number of lamp beads 756pcs
power 1200W±10%
AC Input Power 1200W @277V AC
AC Input Voltage 100-277 AC@ 50/60HZ
Working current 150mA
Working frequency 50-60Hz
Irradiation area 60cm-1.05m² 90cm-1.43m² 120cm-1.88m²
PPF 2.6umol/J
 Weight 19.1kg
Thermal Management Passive
Max_Ambient Temperature 104°F/40°C
Mounting Height 2-4FT
Lifetime >50,000hrs