LED spot Light for use in airport lighting project

LED spot light for use in airport lighting project

High power led spot Light for use in airport lighting project, which use of our company’s high-end curved street lighting products: 180W and 150W street lights to ensure the safety operation of  airport at night. And VIP inside, use of our led flood lights at some corners.  with the highest domestic standard Design requirements, after evaluating a large number of bidders, chose Luxint.


We provide cutting-edge airport lighting systems. The performance of our LED lighting fixtures is of the highest caliber, and they are also the most durable and effective. We are able to provide these solutions because of our advanced LED technology, which optimizes lumens-per-watt. They are also quite economical.

Our LED lighting specialists can assist you in finishing your project on schedule and within your budget if you’re thinking of upgrading the lighting system in your facilities or replacing old bulbs in your legacy system.


Lighting Styles

Interior Airport Lighting

We provide a range of interior lighting fixtures that are perfect for business and industrial settings that airports mirror.

Interior Airport Lighting For airport hangars and other spaces with high ceilings, this comprises tough LED high bays, as well as tube lighting fixtures and low bays that may be utilized in spaces with lower ceilings.

Exterior Airport Lighting –

We provide a variety of outdoor lighting options, from 400 Watt LED flood lights for use on airport towers and in the vicinity of the runway to simpler lighting fixtures for walkways, canopies, and building exteriors.

Airport Hangar Lighting –

Strong lighting fixtures that cast the required amounts of illumination from high-ceiling regions are needed for airport hangars. Our very energy-efficient LED high bays are made specifically for environments like this.