High-efficiency LED lighting for the “Palmareño” Solís Stadium

led floodlight

High-efficiency LED lighting for the “Palmareño” Solís Stadium The new lighting of the Jorge “Palmareño” Solís stadium is already a reality. The sports venue has 48 high-tech LED lamps, installed in 6 towers that provide the best lighting efficiency for the home stadium of the COFUTPA Sports Association club that plays in the Liga de Ascenso.

The works were led by the Stadium Source company, awarded the project, and the costs are around 60 million colones, which is fully covered by the Municipality of Palmares. The lighting will improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption, meet the minimum competition requirements for promotion league, as well as to adapt to any type of production, from a football match to cultural events and more.

This LED lighting system provides an average light level of 370 lux, exceeding what is required by the promotion league, which is 300 lux. In addition, one of the innovations included is the dimming system, which, through electronic control, can vary the intensity of the lamps, so that the field can be illuminated for different purposes.

“The change is motivated by the fact that the old lights were very difficult to operate, they even had no spare parts and were obsolete, therefore the electricity consumption was very high every time we had to turn on the towers for a night game and we did not comply with the minimum requirements of the second division to compete, for this reason, the initiative to change the lighting arises, with the firm idea of ​​continuing to strongly support the sport of our canton in all areas, adding more modern lighting technology that allows us to have a higher performance in lighting at a low cost of electricity consumption”; explained Katherine Ramírez, mayor of the Municipality of Palmares. Additionally, Melissa Blanco, president of the Palmares Cantonal Sports and Recreation Committee, comments that the social and economic impact represented by the change in this lighting system is very significant for this western canton.

“The benefits of switching to this technology are very broad, from reducing electricity bill costs,to being able to carry out many sports and cultural activities at night that promote the economy of the canton to a great extent, the opportunity to give participation to several teams to play their official matches or training sessions


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