High Bay Light for Workshop 2022

High Bay Light for Workshop 2022
High Bay Light for Workshop 2022

Products: LX-UFO-030

Power: 240W


Offered in 60/90/120degree beam distributions, and delivering up to 38,000 lumens, the LED Workshop Light 240W is constructed with a patented housing and covered optics.

Lighting your Garage or Workshop

One thing that garages and workshops often have in common is that there is never enough light! Inspired LED offers a solution for you whether you require overhead lighting, under cabinet lighting, specialized lighting, parking assist lights, or illumination for your vehicle lift. Let’s examine several locations in the garage or workshop where you could benefit from greater lighting and discover which solutions might assist you to get the illumination you want!
Lighting for Workbenches

Garage workbench lights LED lighting alternatives Similar to kitchen under cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting in a workshop or garage often serves the same purpose—to offer excellent task illumination. Visibility for precise labor and durability for long-term usage are crucial aspects of garage lighting. For this area, our Ultra Bright Flex Strips are the ideal choice! This product will undoubtedly provide enough illumination for even the most exact jobs since it is the brightest choice in our collection of LED flex. Flex strips from Ultra Bright are simple to hardwire or use with a plug-in system, giving you complete customization for your environment.

Ceiling Lighting

Parking lot illumination When remodeling your garage, adding LEDs to the cement grooves in the floor may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it may significantly improve the space’s design and utility. Use the lights at night when the overhead lights are out to offer indirect illumination, border parking spaces, or to shine a light on favored cars. The silicone casing of Inspired LED’s weather-resistant outdoor flex shields it from dirt and debris, making it ideal for imaginative uses like these!

Lift Lighting

Use of led lift lights Do you know somebody who is an automobile aficionado? Our raised light systems are simple to install and provide excellent visibility from the engine to the wheel wells. The Inspired LED Lift Light Kit may be readily tailored to your precise dimensions or requirements, even though it is originally designed to suit straight four-post lifts.