Gas station Lighting

Gas station Lighting

LED lights used in Gas Station

The use of professionally designed gas station lamps can not only enable drivers to clearly identify the location and highlight the brand logo of the gas station within a certain distance, but also achieve energy-saving effects in daily operations. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, it

can save more than 50% energy. The lowest initial investment cost and daily operating cost, to achieve the benefits of energy saving.



Special light source High-intensity gas discharge lamp is used as the light source, with high luminous efficiency, soft light, uniform illumination, an average service life of 50,000 hours, and a color rendering index of >90.


Lighting effect Appropriate horizontal and vertical illuminance, comfortable color temperature and color rendering, low glare, safer, professional design, reduce direct glare, make driving more comfortable and safer. Comfortable working environment, harmonious atmosphere, good illumination uniformity. Professional light distribution, wider light distribution, reducing the number of lamps required.


Gas Station Lighting

ApplicationGas station

Model: LX-CP280 and LX-CP382

Installation methodCeiling or embedded installation

Gas Station Lighting

ApplicationPortable Lighting


Installation methodPortable

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