Gas station Lighting

Gas station Lighting

LED lights used in Gas Station

The use of professionally designed gas station lamps can not only enable drivers to clearly identify the location and highlight the brand logo of the gas station within a certain distance, but also achieve energy-saving effects in daily operations. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, it

can save more than 50% energy. The lowest initial investment cost and daily operating cost, to achieve the benefits of energy saving.

Special light source High-intensity gas discharge lamp is used as the light source, with high luminous efficiency, soft light, uniform illumination, an average service life of 50,000 hours, and a color rendering index of >90.

Lighting effect Appropriate horizontal and vertical illuminance, comfortable color temperature and color rendering, low glare, safer, professional design, reduce direct glare, make driving more comfortable and safer. Comfortable working environment, harmonious atmosphere, good illumination uniformity. Professional light distribution, wider light distribution, reducing the number of lamps required.

Gas stations may be considerably improved with LED lighting since it uses less energy and lasts a long time. With a variety of products, Luxint Lighting can assist you in designing an entire system of LED lighting that last for years and fits your budgetary needs.

There are several reasons why LED gas station lights are superior to traditional ones, and by installing one now, you may reallocate more of your cash to your company’s other operations while lowering maintenance needs.

Canopy Light

  • No matter how tall the canopy is or how the area is set out overall, we have a variety of LED gas station lights to provide your business with enough illumination.
  • When you install one or more of our LED lighting systems, you’ll experience several advantages. We’ll discuss the several kinds of LED lighting we offer for petrol stations.
  • Canopy lighting is the major form of LED lighting that gas stations often use.
  • Canopies that cover the gas pumps are often fitted with LED gas station canopy lights.
  • a network of fuel stations During open hours, LED canopy lights may endure for many years and give both customers and staff with enough illumination. Additionally perfect for gas station perimeters are LED street lights.
  • You may instantly enjoy decreased costs by using a mix of LED lighting on the property.
  • We have everything you need and can guarantee that you obtain consistently excellent results from our goods for many years, whether you require gas station LED canopy lights, gas station streetlights, or other systems for your property.
  • Our canopy lights for gas stations and other items are built to endure and use less energy, making them perfect for a variety of uses.
  • We can assist you in making the best decision for your company and supply you with a full system that illuminates practically any space adequately.
  • You may discover anything you need at Technologies for your home. We offer a variety of LED gas station lights that may help you save money while giving your company high-quality, durable illumination that consistently meets your needs.
  • We have the resources and know-how to provide you a finished result that makes you happy, whether you require retrofit LED canopy lights or a whole new system installed.

Using gas station LED lighting for your facility has a lot of advantages.

The Advantages Of LED Gas Station Canopy Lights

While decreased energy costs are the most apparent advantage of LED lights, there are numerous more reasons to use an LED lighting system.

These advantages consist of:

  • Greater longevity, with bulbs lasting up to 100,000 hours, or 11 years when used continuously, and 22 years when operated at 50%
  • environmental friendliness since LED lights don’t contain the harmful chemicals that traditional lamps do.
  • Durability with strong parts that can resist rough terrain and inclement weather
  • Neither UV nor infrared emissions are present.
  • Flexibility in design, including the ability to dim forms and combine them to provide effective lighting
  • ability to function under very cold or hot conditions
  • enough lighting with the ability to concentrate on certain locations
  • Switching often and immediate illumination
  • They include a low-voltage power supply that makes it simple to operate them outside with an external power source.

For gas stations and many other businesses that may normally spend more money on lighting systems than they need to, these advantages make LED lights useful.

As a reputable source of LED gas station lights, we’ll make sure that each of our products provides you with all of the advantages mentioned above.
Energy-saving Lighting

The total effectiveness of your lighting systems will change. Due to our lighting’s energy efficiency and generally little need for repairs and replacements, installing it in your building will allow you to save money.

Luxint Lighting Offers a System of LED Gas Station Canopy Lights and Other Products

For a range of high-quality LED gas station light products. With the help of our products, you can create a completely unique lighting system, complete with canopy lights and flat panel lighting, to enhance the general illumination of your gas station and any adjacent convenience shops.

You’ll gain from dependable solutions that save money and are long-lasting so you can concentrate on other aspects of your organization.

Reconstruction Services

We may provide retrofitting services if you need to retrofit LED lights with an existing lighting system to ensure that you can incorporate cutting-edge LED systems as quickly as possible. The switch to LED technology will be rapid and easy.

To efficiently transition to more dependable lighting systems, this service may involve LED upgrading for gas station canopies and street lights.

Get Professional LED Light Installation For Gas Stations

Contact Luxint right now to acquire the greatest LED goods for your convenience store or other facility, and we’ll put you in touch with a professional who can help you create the ideal system for your needs using high-quality items.

We provide lighting solutions for a variety of applications in addition to LED gas station lighting.

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Get high bay lighting for warehouses, pole lights for parking lots, flood lights for stadiums, outdoor walkway lighting, customized cooler lighting, and many other kinds of lighting. To provide the most dependable lighting possible for your location, we may create a completely unique system.

We’ll make sure your LED setups provide you with all the advantages you want, enabling you to generate long-term financial savings.


ApplicationGas station

Model: LX-CP280 and LX-CP382

Installation methodCeiling or embedded installation

ApplicationPortable Lighting


Installation methodPortable