Chelsea Football Club Project

Chelsea Football Club Project

LUX Lighting LED floodlighting system is an innovative LED pitch lighting solution. It is designed to provide footballers, fans, and TV broadcasters with the best possible experience and supports the latest Premier League requirements for TV broadcasting. These include lighting standards for high-definition super slow-motion replays, avoiding the flicker synonymous with conventional lamps. Also, unlike the previous metal halide system, the new LED solution can be instantly switched on and off without the need for a warm-up period. 

Detailed information about Flood Light used in Sports ground

The time when all you needed to do to watch a game was ask the neighborhood handyman to put up a few lights around the field is long gone. Good vision is crucial because of the demands that the modern game of football places on the players. There are then standards to ensure that football fields have good effective lighting that is not only bright but also evenly distributed across the pitch in order to achieve consistency throughout the leagues. The league and FA must follow the following guidelines in order to determine the average LUX level required on the field.

  • Grade A calls for a minimum average maintained LUX level of 250.
  • Grade B requires an average maintained minimum LUX level of 180.
  • Grades C through G has recently had their levels raised from 120 to 180 LUX.

These levels are the lowest levels, averaged over an 88-point grid matrix with 11 points along the length and 8 points across the width. The other requirement is for uniform lighting to prevent dark spots, and this standard stipulates that the difference between the highest and lowest measured LUX levels cannot exceed four times.

floodlight layoutDespite being excellent for the game, these standards do place high demands on the sophistication of the lighting solution and the lighting design.

Lighting Simulation’s Function

It is obvious that you cannot simply install some posts and floodlights and give it a try with such strict standards. If you chose to go down this path, it would take a tremendous amount of testing to find the right combination of floodlights to meet the required standard.

The best approach, then, is to perform a lighting simulation, and I’ll give some examples here from one SLB did for a football team.

The Lighting Simulation’s findings

SLB was able to suggest a 6 column solution with 15m columns using the lighting simulation, as shown in the following illustration.

Arrangement of a floodlight

We could choose alternative floodlights from this basic column configuration, and the simulation then predicted the LUX level at each location on the football field using industry-standard IES files. In order to achieve excellent lighting levels across the pitch, this setup was then optimized, and the following measured grid simulation was created.

Calculated pts

It is therefore feasible to compute a rendering throughout the pitch as a result of the simulation to provide a visual interpretation of the LUX levels across the pitch, as illustrated below.

Lux levels for rendering rendering lux levels

As you can see, simulation is an essential part of the lighting design process since it allows for the development of really optimum solutions that account for the inevitable light deterioration over time brought on by bulb degradation.

Choose between LED and Metal Halide floodlights.

The fact that LED floodlights are twice as efficient is only one of several important benefits they provide. They also turn on instantaneously and often last 50000 hours compared to metal halide floodlights’ 12000 hours. However, metal halide floodlights provide a number of benefits. Since the design of these floodlights has been improved over the years, it now only focuses light on the field itself while minimizing light leakage. This is seen in the construction of the Thorn Champion floodlight, a prime example, which is used at Wembley Stadium. champion of thorns

The LED floodlight is an alternative that does not have the top cover design shown here.

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Floodlight LED

The LED solution also has the disadvantage of being significantly more expensive from an investment cost standpoint, necessitating the use of much more floods. An impressive 92000 lumens will be produced by this LED floodlight from an 800w unit, for instance, and 225000 lumens are produced by a 2000w metal halide floodlight when it is brand-new. In order to meet the 180 LUX standard, the pitch can be lit with 14 metal halide floodlights, but 24 LED floodlights are required. I think it’s clear to you that the decision-making process is not straightforward and that simulation and cost analysis are crucial tools.