Airport station Lighting

Airport station Lighting

LED lights used in Airport

Provide a safe and comfortable lighting environment with high efficiency and energy-saving to meet the requirements of energy-saving and emission reduction. The product is maintenance-free, which can reduce the risk of high-altitude maintenance and replacement costs.


A certain kind of illumination is needed for airports. While terminals may make use of more conventional industrial or commercial lighting systems, airport-affiliated shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels all have their own special lighting needs. Furthermore, special attention must be paid to the type, design, color, durability, and longevity of fixtures used in the apron areas, helipads, taxiways, alternate traffic areas, and runways and their boundaries. Even hangars and auto repair shops are an exception, needing very high ceilings and a lot of light. Thankfully, we have LED solutions that almost entirely satisfy airport lighting specifications.

Airport Terminal Lighting


Airport Terminal Light - Luxint

LED Recessed Lights Without Cans

A distinctive aesthetic that is difficult to recreate with other items is added by recessed lighting. Installing conventional cans in new buildings is costly and challenging, and retrofitting them is considerably more challenging. Fortunately, since they are IC Rated for direct contact with insulation and consequently don’t need a can, our ultra-thin recessed lights may be put practically anyplace.

Troffers and Suspended Ceiling Panel Lights

These low profile ceiling panel lights replace the complete fixture and are a perfect alternative to conventional fluorescent/CFL T8 tube lights, offering a much more pleasing and appealing linear light dispersion. They don’t buzz or flicker, they don’t need to warm up, and they don’t have dangerous compounds like mercury. These may be surface mounted, hung from the ceiling using a sling kit that is offered separately, or fitted into an existing ceiling grid without modification.

Flexible LED Strip Light in a single color

Perfect for adding a touch of contemporary elegance to edge glow, cove, accent lighting, and signage. Our waterproof, dimmable, flexible tape lights come in a variety of colors or are color-changing. They also come in 12VDC or 24VDC versions with variable intensities.

Airport  Hanger/Shop Lights


Airport station Lighting

LED High Bay Lights

Our LED high bay fixtures have the best cost-per-watt available because they are made to deliver the maximum ceiling mounted light output and longevity at the lowest cost. To ensure that their light reaches the ground and to give our customers the ability to configure reflector angles for the best fixture overlap and spacing, many of our high bay lights have adjustable reflectors and beam angles.


Airport station Lighting

Intelligent lighting in different areas

Our lighting solutions are formulated for different lighting areas and can bring you additional value under the premise of satisfying high-quality lighting. The following is mainly for the platform, waiting room, ticket hall and other areas to introduce our lighting solutions and advantages.

The combination of LED lamps and smart lighting systems can realize automatic lighting of lamps and lanterns through light sensing and microwave human body induction. It can also automatically control the lighting and extinguishing of lamps according to area. And the service life of the light source is monitored and alarmed, so as to truly meet the requirements of intelligent control and energy-saving and emission reduction.

Product Solution Selection

Lux provides comprehensive lighting solutions for halls, platforms, waiting rooms and other areas to meet the specific lighting needs of different areas.

Airport station Lighting

Application: Platform, waiting room

Model: LX-UFO390, LX-UFO20 and LX-UFO21

Installation method: Hanging installation

Airport station Lighting

ApplicationTicket hall

Model: LX-PA

Installation method: Hanging installation

Airport Airfield Runway, Taxiway, Helipad Lighting

Airport station Lighting

Wide Angle Commercial LED Flood Lights

Use the brightest fixtures we can construct to direct incoming planes. These robust fixtures are maintenance-free and may be used outside and in harsh environments. You won’t need to change bulbs ever again since they are rated to last 50,000 hours. To properly match the demands of each application, several LED colors are available for custom orders.

Ground- or Inset-Fixed LED Well Lights

Ideal for in-grade applications where the fixture must be installed flush with the tarmac, such as helipad/heliport illumination, boundary marks, apron areas, taxiways, or other situations. Die-cast housing may be poured into concrete and can endure light vehicle traffic together with robust stainless steel, glass trim, and lenses. There is no need to worry about bulbs since these lights already have additional long-life LEDs built in. obtainable in both color-changing and single-color variants.

LED floodlights that change color

The most popular color flood choices we provide are from our R-Series and HD-Series color and color shifting floods. They may be ordered as a single color or with optional DMX color shifting. obtainable in a range of sizes and wattages to fully suit application requirements.

LED Landscape Lights for Stake and Surface Mount

Our landscape lights include rotating heads that enable precise installation. They come in stake mount and surface mount variants. Excellent for lighter-duty applications or just decorative purposes. obtainable in both color-changing and single-color variants.