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6 factors to consider before selecting parking lot lights

Here are several factors that make effective parking lot lighting so crucial, in addition to aesthetics:

  • It avoids mishaps. There are less odds of an accident happening in your parking lot if vehicles and pedestrians can see more clearly, and you’ll stay out of sticky circumstances for which you can be held responsible.
  • It will attract prospective clients. Customers are less inclined to visit your shop or place of business if the parking lot is inadequately illuminated since they feel less comfortable in the dark.
  • It raises your company’s degree of protection. If your parking lot is well-lit, potential thieves will be less inclined to break in or vandalize your facility.

Previously, parking lot lighting was solely thought of as a building aesthetic enhancement, a low priority for enterprises. However, how your parking lot lighting may improve the safety and security of your assets, personnel, and clients is becoming increasingly crucial to company owners and lighting designers.

Here’s how to assess your current parking lot lighting if you’re thinking about updating it:

  1. The brightness of the lights Do the current lamps in your parking lot provide the level of brightness that is required?
  2. Lighting consistency: How consistent are the lights?
  3. The lighting’s color: How realistically do the colors appear in your parking lot lighting?
  4. How much light is generated per watt when it comes to lighting efficiency?
  5. Lamp life: How long will your current lights last?
  6. The cost of maintaining your parking lights is unknown.

Hiring a qualified lighting specialist may assist you in conducting an accurate assessment of your current parking lot lighting and in identifying the modifications required to boost fixture efficacy while minimizing expenditures.

Parking Lot LED Light parking plot

LED Parking Lot Lights Benefits

In parking lots all throughout Calgary, LED lights are becoming more prevalent because their reliable and efficient technology may provide company owners a number of benefits.

Several of these benefits include:

  1. Long-lasting. In comparison to conventional lighting, LED lights typically last eight times longer. As a result, you may save money without having to deal with the laborious chore of changing lights.
  2. Conserves energy: The primary benefit of LED lighting is that it consumes around 60% less electricity while maintaining the same brightness.
  3. Better for the environment: LED lights not only consume less energy but also harm the environment less than other common lighting technologies.
  4. They also generate less heat and don’t contain mercury.
  5. Less expensive: In recent years, LED lighting has significantly decreased in price. In terms of maintenance and power savings, the lights will rapidly pay for themselves.
  6. LEDs provide a practical and affordable method of lighting parking lots. Business owners may save time and money while also feeling good about lowering landfill trash and emissions from power plants.

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