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The meetng of luxint lighting mission for 2022 held

Start of meeting

On the morning of Feb 10 in new year, at 9:30, LUXINT lighting held a great meeting to unveil the new year’s developmental objectives and developmental strategic adjustments. The meeting was hosted by Mrs Xie, president of Luxint Lighting. The persons attending this meeting included middle and senior managers.


The theme of this meeting was mainly engaged with the new year’s developmental objectives, developmental strategic, management changes and missions orientation. Mrs. Xie pointed out that mission and strategy should be centered on “Value, change and efficiency” to carry out the work in all aspects, which includes three-point and the first one is all stuff should work energetically to show own value and share that. Another point is that Luxint Lighting must make bold changes and all stuff must adapt themselves to these changes. The last is Luxint will streamline the operational process to achieve higher operational efficiency. Also, she also touched on the new organization and management changes.

Addressed by Manager

In this meeting, Mr Luo, the manager of Luxint Lighting also delivered a keynote speech. He encouraged all stuff to unite together, strive to address problems encountered in work boldly and endeavor to fulfill a bigger success in next year. Simultaneously, all stuff should work around the sales and cooperate with sales department to step from strength to strength for a bigger success.

Managing the alibaba luxint lighting store is also very important to export lights worldwide.

In this year, all staff in LUXINT Lighting will keep moving to strive to work with a positive mind and keep the mind of innovation to design better Lighting products for the world

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