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Glass Lens or Plastic Lens? A Secret Hidden in LED High Bay

Recently, we have received the feedback from our customers from time to time that the color temperature of their LED high bay changed into yellow color from white color. When they took off their high bay, they found the plastic lens turned yellow and some even were burnt.    

Actually, we have done strict anti-uv test for the PC lens and also high temperature test for the whole light.

Why is there still such quality issue? 

According to our engineer, it is not the problem of the light itself, it is related to the working area of these lights. 

For some areas with heavy dust or greasy dirt, the dust or oil will gather on the surface of the lens so that the light has no way to disperse and will become heat. In the long run, the gathered heat will burn the plastic lens. 

If so, is there any solution to resolve this problem? 

The answer is yes, just change the PC lens into glass lens. 

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